Traffic Barricades (Traffic Barriers)

ROAD-RUNNER - Portable Traffic Barrier
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ROAD-RUNNER - Portable Traffic Barrier
ROAD-RUNNER - Portable Traffic Barrier
Premier Plastics Ltd, 8328 River Way, Delta, BC Canada, V4G 1C4, Premier Plastics Ltd, 8328 River Way, Delta, BC Canada, V4G 1C4, Premier Plastics Ltd.

The ROAD-RUNNER Traffic Control System
Traffic Barricades (Traffic Barriers)
portable plastic traffic barricades are more effective, safer and more stable than drums, posts, cones and other types of barricade. 'ROAD-RUNNER' traffic barricades are visually more substantial and command the respect of drivers.

Our barricades can be noticed from a greater distance away and drivers can determine more quickly the traffic changes ahead.
The linear design makes a positive visual separation between vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. Water or sand ballast can be added to 'anchor' barricades in place.
The unique stacking feature saves up to 80% in transportation, storage and handling costs.

The most advanced traffic control device on the market today.

NCHRP 350 Test Level 3-71 (60 mph Impact)
Level II Workzone Traffic Control Safety Barricade
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Code No WZ-170
( Please refer to NCHRP 350 and Certification pages on menu bar.)

Premier Plastics Inc. is listed with Central Contractor Registration (USA).

Federal Highway Administration ATSAA Flasher Barricade Association
  Send us your full contact details, number of units and zip code and we will send you a direct ship quotation. (Freight cost per unit will reduce with increased quantity shipped.)
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The most advanced traffic control device on the market today.

'Road-Runner' traffic barricades are for visual guidance only.  Applications that require the redirection of an  impacting high speed vehicle would use 'New Jersey' style concrete barriers or the more massive style of cable connected water filled barriers.

66"   Weight
(no ballast)
Height 38"   Water capacity 160lbs
Width 30"   Max. ballast US Highways 45lbs
Stacking height +7"   Color choice Orange
or White

'RoadRunner' Barricades on display at ATSSA 2006
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
ROAD-RUNNER Typical Applications for 'ROAD-RUNNER' Traffic Control Barricades

  Public works projects

  Temporary road closures
  or rerouting

  Parkades/Parking lots

  Building construction
  Blacktop resurfacing   Temporary electronic
  message boards
  Lane delineation
  Upstream tapers
  Airports, airside /
  Crowd control   Sports or special events   Ferry terminals
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